Pixtel Shapes 1 Pixtel Shapes 1b Pixtel Shapes 4 Pixtel Shapes 3 copyPixtel Shapes

What is interactive design and how can design encourage interaction? What are we actually encouraged to do with the furniture we are surrounded by? Created with office workers, school children or library visitors in mind, Pixtel Shapes developed through the aim of investigating these questions.

Pixtel Shapes is a textile modular concept for spaces that lets users themselves create walls, furniture, figures or decorations. It is a game and an encouragement to reimagine our physical environment. It is designed to generate creativity and movement and the reuse of modules makes Pixtel Shapes ever-changeable and adaptive.

The modules are made from synthetic foam covered in elastic wool upholstery fabric and spray on fiber coating. Spheres are connected together by ropes or beams; threading them like beads on a string by hand. Ropes can be hung from the ceiling creating room dividers, or tied together on the floor as seating furniture. Wooden structures make possible a large scale game of 5 in a row.

Bachelor degree project Textile design 2011. Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design.