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Mantras for miracles

My MFA project ”Mantras for Miracles” took off with my fascination for a metal wire toy called Mandala. Mandalas of various kinds are used within Buddhism as symbol for and tool for spiritual enlightenment. They speak of the relation between us and the world and balance between body and mind.  The Mandala toy triggered my imagination with its shape seemingly in constant flux, embodying the Buddhist ideas of balance, but in a 3-dimensional way. Contraction in one end leads to expansion in another; I believe its design is successfully illustrating what Buddhism is teachings – everything is connected to everything.

”Mantras for miracles” is exploring spatial forms with possibilities in transformation. Different combinations of the same parts create different spaces possible to adapt to different needs. The metal construction functions as foundation for the textiles as architectural structure; building a whole room or creating room dividers for indoor or outdoor use.

The textiles are knitted in nylon thread, hand dyed and mounted onto the contruction. The technique of partial knitting makes it possible to knit round shapes with an even elasticity in all directions, also leavingan open centre for for the next piece to overlap. Using this technique od knitting, no waste material I generated since nothing is cut after production.

The public environment in which we live, control and shape our lives. By creating more intimate sites with possibility for visual and mental rest, we can come closer one another and hold other types of conversations. ”Mantras for mircales” will create new patterns of behaviour; new mantras for everyday life.

Master degree project Textile in the expanded field, Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and design 2013. To see images from the degree exhibition follow this link